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Monday, October 21, 2013

Phoenix Cop Albert Smith, Beats His Wife During Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Oh...the Irony....

PHOENIX - A Phoenix Police officer on the wrong side of the law, arrested at his home after a fight with his wife.

This is the officer's mug shot. His name is Albert Smith. According to deputies, he got into a fight with his wife Donna.

Deputies say Smith punched her in the face, causing her to suffer bruising on her forehead. Investigators say her husband had some injuries too.

Ironically enough, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Phoenix Police have been doing a lot to get the word out.  And now, a Phoenix patrol officer is accused of domestic violence. Both he and his wife have different stories about what happened, so both of them were arrested.

In her mug shot, there is a bruise on Donna Smith's forehead. Along with the bruise, there was swelling and redness on Donna Smith's face and neck. She is accused of biting her husband's fingers.
The argument happened at the couple's home in Mesa late Thursday night.

According to court records, Donna Smith told deputies they were having a birthday party for her husband earlier that night.

She claims he got upset during the party and somehow ruined his birthday cake, then went home by himself. Hours later, Donna Smith came home and she had the cake with her.

Albert Smith told deputies she shoved his birthday cake into his face. That's when Donna Smith says he held her down and punched her several times in the face.

Donna Smith admitted to biting her husband's fingers, telling deputies it was only way she could defend herself. She later called 911 secretly.

Deputies say there was cake all over the floor and walls of the bedroom. There were also cuts or possible bite marks on Albert Smith's fingers.

Albert has worked for the Phoenix Police department for 13 years. He works in patrol and is now on paid administrative leave. The investigation is ongoing.

Albert will likely be give a five day suspension with pay, then promoted next year to a Lieutenant.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Newly Appointed Chief Grows a Set! And Don’t You Dare Call Him Danny Boy!

From what we hear, the newly appointed chief Garcia is instilling mass amounts of discipline in his meetings and is growing a nice set of balls!   Sources tell us:

• Don’t you dare call him Dan, Danny or be singing O' Danny Boy.  You address him as chief or chief Garcia and the first name bullshit is out the door.  He expects the same of all his command staff.

• Poor Joe Klima can’t drive a motorcycle anymore and got a new asshole torn into him. What good is a leader on a bike? 

• Chief Garcia has assigned seating in the meetings.  This is making everyone uncomfortable.

• Telling everyone that the night Duty Commander position will be done by everyone, for one week so that everyone can feel the pain of working from 7PM-7AM for seven consecutive days.  Crying sissy bitches can go whine to the master of all sissy bitches, sergeant Mike "Potato Head" Polombo.

• Telling the group that all the committees assigned to make decisions are pointless (and as we have learned - they're rigged), and that he will make the decisions. Chief Garcia realizes that management by committee is paralysis by over analysis and a load of horseshit.

• That DUIs of officers is automatic termination and not some bullshit 10 hour suspension and investigation.

...And that lots of other changes are coming!

But words are just that – WORDS

We want some action - and not action in a Maryvale parking lot!

We like what we hear but until we see these changes and start seeing people fired and investigations started on the Tovar molestation cover up, Lauri Burgett, the dumb Polombos, Quaas and all the other crimes that are covered up by the creeps in the Phoenix PD, we will continue our shock and awe on the Phoenix PD. Until we see people like assistant chiefs Jim Pina and Tracy Montgomery tossed to the curb like the pieces of shit they are…then it’s all WORDS and tough guy talk.

But we still like what we hear!
Chief Garcia:  Next meeting you should send out Montgomery to “fetch” you some coffee or send Pina to pick up your dry cleaning.   You should also give everyone the speech about how, You don't get your money, where you get your honey...One doesn't shit, where they eat...One shouldn't dip their pen in the company ink... and if any of them are caught fucking, fingering, blowing, eating, kissing, groping, humping or shagging one another in the Phoenix PD - especially at the command level - they will be Donald-Trump-Terminated.  Montgomery will probably queef when she hears this!  Make sure she is seated front and center at that announcement!

BTW chief - Have you met the other Pina yet – el gordo Benny Pina? 

Conduct a fitness test and offer him $50 for every unassisted push up, pull up or sit up he can do in exec staff. It's his choice on which one he can do.  Have a paramedic on stand-by.  Don’t worry chief, you won’t be paying out any money.  Then tell them, “If a commander looks like this fat, sloppy mess, how would you expect a precinct of officers to be in tip-top shape?” Then put Gordo Benny on a low carb diet with a physical every week. 

Good luck Chief!  We like what we see thus far!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Birthday to Us! BadPhoenixCops! Four Years of Excoriating The Worst of the Worst in Phoenix Arizona and There’s No Stopping Us!

We can’t believe that it has been four years since this site and blog were started.

233 Blog posts. 
Over 2,500 comments.
Nearly 1 million viewers and followers.

It’s our Birthday!

We have been destroying, excoriating, vilifying and embarrassing Bad Phoenix Cops and moronic city officials since 2008 - and were damn proud of it!  Our goal and mantra have been the same since day one:  We exposure all their dirty deeds and indiscretions in the most public forum possible.  From their DUIs, to their sexual trysts, to their child molesting sons, to their pock-marked faces - our intent is to make their Phoenix police job…their last job in public service…and to ensure the private sector is aware of the disservice they did to the Phoenix community so they are eminently unemployable.  We do what they so many honest law abiding citizens. We use their own rules, their own ops orders and their own people against them and we have no reason to stop or slow down, until wrongs are made right! We call them assclowns, fucktards and cunts and when a Phoenix motor is riding on our ass, we blast our windshield wiper fluid all over them!

We have no mercy, we have no remorse, we carry no guilt, we have no conscience, we subscribe to no religion, we hold nothing sacred, and we have zero respect for any cop labeled and listed on this blog. We received veiled threats on a weekly basis.  When they threaten us with legal action, our noose just gets tighter and it gets worse and more public for them. We publish everything, redact nothing and let the public know it all.   We can’t be stopped and our forces grow stronger every month.  There's only thing that will shut down this site; lots of cops getting fired and indicted…and of course lots of money to buy this website.

So in true Birthday fashion we will be hosting our annual Spring Birthday Happy Hour to gather with our friends.  Let's celebrate our success and the demise of Jack Harris and all other dirty shitbags in the Phoenix PD.  We will be handing out free jars of Tovar peanut butter to all who attend.

We won’t post the address here, but if you are interested in attending, hit us up on the Hushmail email  and spread the word. You can also contact the good cops in the Phoenix PD as they will know.  Bring a friend, bring yourself, or bring your own jar of peanut butter!   The first few rounds are on us! 

Also feel free to invite a Tovar (even the molester), invite a Pina (either the really fat one or the little one featured to the left) , invite a Harris or and Anderson and we will tell them EXACTLY what we publish here, right to their face, as we get loaded with vodka!

One more thing...Fuck Mike Polombo and his dumb cunt wife Heather!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sergeant Mike Polombo Enters DROP – Only Five More Years of This Dirtball on the Streets of Phoenix as a BadPhoenixCop

Thanks for the heads up from our loyal source. It appears that Mike Polombo has entered DROP – the Deferred Retirement Option Plan for cops.

This means the clock is ticking for Mike Polombo.

Name: Michael J. Polombo - AKA Potato Head Polombo

Rank: Assclown Sergeant        

Years of Service: 25.012        

Age: 47, but looks at least 55

Effective Date: 06/01/11        

Maximum Duration of DROP: 60 months        

Monthly Benefit: $6,986.31

Here is the Link to the retirement board page

As citizens we only need put up with 5 years of this moronic assclown screwing up homicide investigations, lying during investigations, storing evidence in his garage, fucking female cops at Police conferences in Las Vegas, patrolling his own neighborhood armed, and crying like a sissy bitch about being harassed on the Internet. 

Maybe we could convince Mike Polombo to make a full-time job of scuba diving based on his last diving problem? The only things that would like Mike Polombo would be sharks, but then again, we don't think sharks will eat human shit.

Our work is now cut out for us. 

BadPhoenixCops has the task to ensure that Mike Polombo is adequately immersed in the search engines and on the Internet so that he will never find
employment in any law enforcement capacity.  What do you call someone who is the opposite of the MIDAS TOUCH?  It’s now called MIKE POLOMBO. With our luck the only employment he may find is as one way dive instructor! 

Oh yeah – and this does serve a useful purpose Mike, telling everyone what a dirty lying, wife cheating pig you are and how you abandoned your family for a whore known for her phenomenal work with a tube steak.  So call your lawyer, call Theron Quaas for another interview and go fuck Jack Harris in the ass while you’re at it!

Mike’s not the only one who entered DROP.

You can also see in this link

BRADY Veteran Jeff Hynes Enters DROP too

...that Commander and long-time BRADY veteran Geoffrey Hynes has also entered DROP and the 5 year clock is ticking for him as well.  We hear Jeff Hynes wants to pursue a career as a teacher or educator.  Our job is to ensure all universities are well aware that this guy was on BRADY as well as all recruiters in that sector.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Theron Quaas Ordered to Turn Over All Property to Our Blogger! Our Blogger is Relieved He Got All His Porn Back!

It took well over two years from the illegal take and break in of our blogger's house in March, 2009. A judge's court order demanded the return of all the property. Even with the order in place for well over 30 days, Theron Quaas tried to say there was a “clerical error” with returning the equipment. This week, blogger Jeff had all items returned.

We sat down with Jeff and asked him some questions on his equipment, the blog, and some Bad Phoenix Cops. Here what he had to say…

Q: So you finally got your stuff back. How do you feel?
A: It’s only took them two years and based on the Chain of Custodies, none of this stuff was even reviewed or analyzed since the day it was bagged. Just goes to show you how this was all a rouse to silence me.

Q: So what about Theron Quaas?
A: What about him? Remember when you were a kid and you used to give the ball to the smallest, weakest kid and shout SMEAR THE QUEER? That was Theron Quaas. Quaas is a useless pawn douche in the grand scheme of things. I was in FLOs the other day in Scottsdale and could have sworn he was my busboy.

Q: Some would say you are pretty harsh with your criticism of the Phoenix PD and the Polombos. What do you say to that?
A: Those people are entitled to their opinion and so am I. Look – a guy like Polombo – geez where do we begin. We had a friend of ours recently get married to a stripper. She’s a nice girl, but he can’t avoid the fact that her tits and ass have been ground into a lot of guys in Phoenix. She knows the pole very well.  If Mike Polombo wants to leave a wife and daughter for someone who is known for shampooing pubic hair with their saliva – then so be it. But I am allowed to talk about it – especially when they are city employees.  Even if they think it doesn't serve 'any useful purpose.'

Q: Wow. That’s harsh. Is it personal against Polombo?
A:  Since the Phoenix PD broke into my home and stole my stuff because of Mike Polombo – it will always be personal. I just don’t think Mike Polombo or the Phoenix PD play chess all that much. They never thought this through and the raid on my home and Barnes backfired into a national, PR nightmare for them. I grew up outside of New York City and would deal with guys like Polombo every day. We know so much about him. His favorite movies are GoodFellas, Casino and the Godfather and thinks he is life imitating art. He thinks he’s untouchable and wields some sort of power as a homicide cop. As my kids say playing Xbox, he was pwnd.

Q: Some people say you are the guy that got Jack Harris fired?
A:  I get that a lot – a lot of back slapping and congratulations. I was in Cave Creek the other day and someone out of the blue in a restaurant heard my name and said something about an article in the NEWTIMES and remembered me.  How fucked up is that? I really can’t believe it! I cannot take credit for toppling Jack. PLEA and Phil Roberts did most of it. I won’t grandstand and say I had anything to do with it.

Q: But you did send that letter to OIG?
A: So did Roberts and some other people I think. Listen – It’s great Jack Harris is gone and we all played a part in his demise, even Jack himself. The city of Phoenix is a much better place.

Q: What will people find surprising about you?
A:  I am actually a pretty normal guy, quiet and shy. Very unassuming. No braggadocio with me. When cops meet me they think I will be some lunatic, arrogant cop hater, but I am not. I’m the guy behind you at Starbucks. They will also be surprised that I don’t run BadPhoenixCops. If they only knew how many work on it.

Q: What’s going on with the wife and kids?
A: It's an EX-wife.  That’s something I don’t talk about. It’s really sad. The kids are great and always will be. Let’s just say they are learning as they age about badphoenixcops and badphoenixmoms.

Q: So you just got your stuff back. How did that go and tell us about that?
A: Yeah.  I promised to give a shout-out to Christina at Impound on Elwood. She was very helpful and she had one hell of a turd cutter. Jesus was she cute in those tight cargo pants.  Quaas and Campagnolo tried their hardest to keep my stuff, but they lost. Poor Ted is trying to manage these cops, but he can’t. Ted has no control over anything. He is a pawn.  I am surprise Tom Horne hasn’t shit-canned his stupid, lazy ass. He tried to say there was a clerical error with returning my stuff. Just more lies. Most of the stuff was bagged in March of 2009 and never touched. Here are a few bags (shows us the bags) still sealed, never touched or analyzed. It’s weird looking at these old computers.

Q: Are you worried they planted something on them?
A: They aren’t smart enough to do that plus we hear the IT guys are pretty decent and actually support us fighting the corruption.  These are Phoenix cops and Theron Quaas (laughs) just isn't that smart to plant anything.   I have sent them out to friends to wipe clean. I really didn’t care about the equipment. It was the data I wanted.

Q: So are you keeping them?
A: I might give them to my kids. Or I might donate them to Aid for the Retarded in the name of Theron Quaas and Ted Campagnolo.

Q; Where do you come up with some of these lines and vitriolic phrases for the blog?
A:  It's not just me, but I have always had crude humor. I grew up listening to Howard Stern and grew up in a strict Catholic family. I needed an outlet and this is the way I speak with my friends. It’s endearing, trust me.

Q: With Jack Harris being gone, what would you want to ask him if given the opportunity?
A:  Wow. I guess I would say Jack: Every man has a favorite tit on their woman. We all gravitate to the same boob when we are about to do the mattress mambo. So Jack, when your wife Connie got cancer, was it in your favorite boob and how did you feel about that?

Q: Ouch! That’s pretty bad…
A:  That’s me. I would love to ask him that in person just to see his reaction. He is so used to people being humble and pussy-footing around him. He would probably shit his pants! Maybe I should drive to his north Phoenix house, knock on his door like Dave Biscobing did and ask him. But seriously I don’t think twice about Jack Harris. He was just one of many who needed to go. I have nothing to say to him or ask him. That’s up to my lawyers. 

Q: Some say you should run for City Council or Mayor. What do you say to that?
A: Can you imagine? That would be epic!  Imagine the campaign commercial and my platform. (In a deep booming voice) Indicted numerous times, house raided, accused of being on drugs, molesting kids, domestic violence and a whole host of other accusations that any ex bitter wife will throw at you. Meet your new mayor… - I have thought about it, but it’s too dirty for me. I would easily save the city over $1M by stopping the private OxyGordon security detail.  I would be the most politically incorrect mayor you ever met.  Undoubtedly within 30 days would be fucking some hot girl in impound - much hotter than that dog Gordon is banging.  I would add into the lexicon words like “fuckstick” “assclown” and “fucktard.” I don’t think it’s for me. I’m not that corrupt and the pay sucks.  I'm just not the dirty politician type, but who knows.

Q: How is this going to end? What is the fitting ending to your situation?
A: Are you asking me for a denoument? Jesus. I can think of so many, Mike Polombo chokes and has a heart attack while eating mashed potatoes, Theron Quaas drowns in a vat of Kikkoman’s soy sauce, Jack Harris is mountain biking and drives off a cliff like that Segway dude, Louie Tovar gets sodomized to death, Ronnie Snodgrass loses 150 pounds and wins the PF Changs marathon – there are so many fitting ends to this. I don’t know how or if it will end. There will only be more dirty cops like Yahner and other dirty members in leadership who avoid the issues, like Cavasos and Zuercher.

Q: Would you ever sit down with any of them to talk?
A: To talk about what? Clearly they won’t fix anything. Look at what happened to Phil Roberts and nothing was done. Look at what happened to me, Barnes, Linnea and nothing was done. That’s why the blog is needed. I have no desire to sit down with any of them unless they are handing me a check. Maybe if Hampton or Robinson became Chief they may want to bury the hatchet, but that’s a long time off and wishful thinking.

Q: Would you ever shut down the site?
A: That’s a good question for the owner.

Q: So you don’t own it?
A: Nope and the Phoenix PD know that and that’s all I’ll say about it. It isn't owned by PLEA and Dave Barnes either and I didn't go to high school with Barnes and plot this thing years ago in study hall.  It's so fucking rediculous the stories I hear.

Q: Would it ever be sold?
A: I know there were talks of going national with someone before the economy took a shit. Like BadCops - Los Angeles, BadCops – Houston, but I don’t know where that went. I think it would be tough to manage but I see what was able to do and it could work. There’s a lot of logistics and a lot more people needed for that type of stuff. Plus there would need to be measures in place like with WikiLinks to protect the workers. I could see dirty cops in other cities raiding people’s homes too.

Q: Do you agree with what WikiLinks did?
A: Sure. We have a right to know what the fuck is going on.

Q: At all costs? Even at the risk of life?
A: That’s what they want you to think. Information is power. I think Napoleon said something along the lines of, a smart informed people are a risk to governments. What the US and I guess the Phoenix PD forget is that they work for the people. I think since 9/11 we are way out of control with losing our rights as citizens. Even the TSA think they are Gods among insects.

Q: So you never answered the question, will the site be sold?
A: Everything and everyone has a price. I guess you could look at it like a hooker. You don’t pay them to come a fuck your brains out, you pay them to leave so you don’t have to deal with the bullshit of an annoying chick. If the owner wanted to sell or redeploy it in some way, I would support that.

Q: Getting back to the Polombos, do you think Mike reads this blog?
A: I know everyone reads it and if they say they’re not, they’re lying. I know I would if I were him.

Q: Why do you think they read it?
A: Because it’s funny, because it’s raw, because we say what everyone is thinking. Because Mike is narcissistic and wants to know what we are saying about him - good or bad.  It’s entertaining. If something was being written about you, wouldn’t you want to read it?

Q: The language is a bit rough. Do you think it detracts from the goal and you lose subscribers?
A: I think if you won’t read something because of strong words and euphemisms, you need to get a life. Words are words. It’s the message behind them. That’s what makes us unique that we will excoriate cops in a public forum.  I don't know of any site like ours - not even the one in Tempe by Tempe cops.

Q: I must admit, before the blog I have never heard of some the phrases used – like a hatchet wound for female genetalia?
A: I prefer the word CUNT but a friend of mine uses hatchet wound. CUNT is such is final word. There isn’t much better than the “C” word followed by a U-N-T. But hatchet wound is pretty funny. One needs to think about hatchet wound for a few seconds and see the visual.

Q: You don’t see a problem calling people a hatchet wound or cunt?
A: Nope and I sleep well at night too! Listen – these cops deserve to be called what they are called on the blog. They labeled me an instigator of domestic violence when it never happened and they don’t appear to have a problem with that. It is revenge that will last a lifetime.

Q: Care to elaborate?
A: Before this, before my divorce no one heard of me and I kind of like it that way. The police created bogus indictments, bogus charges and now I am labeled things forever for no reason except that their rot and power made it so and an angry bitter ex-wife. Turn-about is fair play. Google Jack Harris, Phoenix PD, Theron Quaas, Mike or Heather Polombo, Andy Anderson or Louie Tovar. Like me, they are now forever memorialized on the web. Let’s see how they like it. We know they can’t get jobs after the Phoenix PD.

Q: How do you know this?
A: One dirty little secret I will share is with the hits to the blog. We get over 13,000 hits each month. We can see who is viewing us. We did a blog about this. We can see the number of people with COX, Qwest, city of Phoenix, Homeland Security and many others. We can see when they visit and how many times. We can see what time of day and how long they spend and on which page. Among those visiting the site are recruiters. Recruiters for jobs in the public or private sector. So much like the city of Phoenix we know everything about that recruiter and can see when they came to the site because they were researching someone like Andy Anderson based on key word searches. We then contact these recruiters and send them tons of info on these cops. It’s actually fantastic the way it works.

Q: That sounds diabolic. And you don’t have a problem with this?
A: Not at all. Like I said, they attempt to smear people like me, like Barnes with raids, bogus indictments and NOIs. Let’s see how they like it when the shoe is on the other foot. That’s what drives them nuts. They can’t do anything about it which is why they took all my computers and tried the whole harassment computer fraud thing.

Q: You seem to know a lot about the web. How did you get into this? Do you program?
A: I am not technical at all. That’s what’s so funny. I am not a programmer. My brother designs computer networks. I am a sales guy. He scoffs at these stories on how I created a website. I don’t know HTML. I started off in the computer industry over 20 years ago as a marketing manager.

Q: So you don’t write code?
A: Fuck no! I am just a regular guy with a sense of humor. I still can’t figure out my bluray player. I am not a nerd or a hack. My kids know more than I do.

Q: Do you ever fear for your safety?
A: Never. I think others do it for me.

Q: How come?
A: I assure you these guys are pussies and I am well protected. I won't elaborate but let's just say everyone has a God given right to defend their life, from anyone.  I also have sources all over so like I said, I sleep well at night. They know the rules, they know I know their Ops orders and I have great lawyers. I’m not stupid and don’t put myself in harms way. I do avoid Phoenix and stick to Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria or Tempe as much as possible.

Q: Even when you meet cops?
A: We don’t meet with cops. If we ever do, it is well vetted or they are retired. I don’t want to give away the farm, but most stuff is sent to us or given to us without the need to talk, meet or explain it. People seem to over complicate things. They think some big meetings or espionage are happening when it’s nothing like that. I actually got a kick when I read that Mike and Heather Polombo patrol their own neighborhood and when their alarm went off, went into their homes with the guns drawn – like I would want to break in to take photos of their cheap IKEA furniture or Mike's polyester pants.  What a couple of fucking idiots.

Q: You keep going back to the Polombos. Why the focus?
A: Because they are so comical and exemplary of what is stupid and wrong with the Phoenix PD. It’s so funny, you can’t make up this stuff or characters like Mike Polombo. Mike was married, had a wife and a beautiful daughter and he fucked someone at work and was called out on it. Everyone knew it and now they try and play victims. It’s classically funny. My home was broken into and my computers stolen for 2 years solely because of Mike Polombo. Mike needs to know that he reaps what he sows and should have thought this through. Like I said earlier, Mike doesn't understand or play chess. Chess players are thinking 3-5 moves ahead of their current move.

Q: Ever think guys like Polombo, Quaas of Harris will just lose it and come after you?
A:  Sure, but I don’t lose sleep over it.  Mike was pretty emotional in those videos acting like a sissy bitch.  I would love to see these pieces of shit on my doorstep. If I ever lived in Mike Polombo’s neighborhood and he was patrolling with a gun and asked me what I was doing there sitting in my car, there would be a major problem.  But like I said earlier, these guys are pussies. Cunt sandwiches – minus the bread. Mostly likely got their asses kicked in high school, grew mustaches and became cops. They would never command any respect or be a leader anywhere else, except for the fact they have a badge and a gun. Anyone who knows me, knows that anything I say, I will say to someone’s face. If any of these cops want to call me or email me, they can do it.

Q: Are you serious? They can contact you?
A: Sure. I have had people contact me and say - hey man that was harsh and such-n-such is really a good cop. Or hey man I spoke to so-n-so and he was devastated by his name on the blog. If Polombo or anyone wanted to dispute something, they could have contacted me. I’m not saying anything would be done, and I might tell them to go and fuck their own mother, but at least they would have some respect and some balls. Not everyone has to agree with what is said, but they should respect our right to say it.

Q: Polombo has called you psychotic. He also was going to pursue legal action against you. Anything ever come of it?
A: I’m still waiting. That’s tough guy dumb-gumba talk like he is on the Jersey Shore or something. Polombo can’t do shit to me. He knows it. He has asked people where I live and said he was going to sue me. Others have too.  I heard Montgomery dropped $10K on lawyers to try and pursue me.  Polombo's best game was trying to bring me up on criminal charges with his pal Jack Harris. I am not psychotic at all and quite normal. There is always a cause and effect. This is the effect that will last a lifetime for Mike.

Q: What do your family and friends think of all this?
A: They laugh. No one in a million years would of thought I would be involved in such a mess, but in the same vein, the New Englander in me has them understanding I won’t take any shit from anyone, especially cops.

Q: So did you get your porn back?
A: Ha…I guess so, along with my Itunes. This stuff is old. It was 3 years old when it was stolen from me. It’s surreal to see this stuff, but it was recreated within weeks.

Q: Any parting words for anyone out there reading this?
A: Not really. Just keep up the fight, fuck the Polombos and send us shit on dirty cops.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Letter of Request for a PSB Investigation into Mike and Heather Polombo - BRADY VIOLATIONS - Sent to Ed Zuercher and David Cavasos in the city of Phoenix

Read the letter our blogger sent to city manager David Cavasos and asst. city manager Ed Zuercher requesting a PSB investigation into Mike and Heather Polombo, for lying.

We wonder if they will ignore another whistleblower with the Office of Inspector General watching?

Whistleblowers need protection, but for some reason no one in Phoenix city government seems to care!

Oh more thing...the blog is up to 13,000 hits per month...and GROWING. 

BOOM goes the dynamite!

Karen Vance's Accounts of the Sophomoric Behavior of Joe Knott and the Polombos

Barnes' Harassment Claim Against the Polombos that was Never Investigated

Request for Mike and Heather Polombo PSB investigation - BRADY violation

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is Mark Goudeau Really the Baseline Killer? Read the Article by Shanna Hogan and Her Exclusive Jailhouse Interview! Also ABC15 News Finally Wakes Up and Does it's Own Story

In the October 2010 issue of the Times Publication, Shanna Hogan was able to meet exclusively with Mark Goudeau in an exclusive Jailhouse interview. Not CNN, ABC, FOX or any of the news outlets have ever been able to meet with Mark, let alone interview him.

Way to go Shanna!

Interview With Mark Goudeau - By Shanna Hogan

In Shanna’s article she probes the same questions we do:
Why did it take four searches in a 1000 square foot home to find evidence from victims?
Why was this jewelry, found in plain view mysteriously absent of all DNA?  If it were in plain view, wouldn't Wendy Goudeau have found it?
Where’s the gun? Where’s the wig and hat?

Too many questions surround this case and Shanna does a great job in this interview.

One of the items we know would help prove that Mark Goudeau wasn’t even near most of the murders and we hear exonerated him early on, were the cell tower records.

These records showed that based on the geographical positioning of Mark’s cell phone and which towers he was pinging, he wasn’t even capable of committing the crimes. Naturally, these cell tower records have been misplaced and everyone we have asked can’t seem to find these records. Since they are only held for 18 months, it is now too late to re-request these. We thought they would be in the stack of stuff that was left by Mike Polombo in his garage, but they weren’t :)

BadPhoenixCops is offering a handsome reward if you have these cell tower records that could help exonerate Mark Goudeau.  Contact us at our Hushmail Email for details.

Jailhouse Interview with Mark Goudeau - By Shanna Hogan

You also should view the great story that ABC News 15 did and the cop Gordeau's defense will be using. 

The Baseline Killer - Where the Phoenix PD Screwed Up

We now have the local CBS, ABC and FOX realizing how bad the Phoenix PD can be. 

Nationally NBC has done stories on double dippin' Jack Harris, but the local NBC affiliate is quite. 

Looks like the Phoenix PD have a lot of cover ups and problems with this case. 

What else should we expect with Pill Poppin Phil Gordon and chief Jack Ass Harris leading the charge?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Website Analytics – BadPhoenixCops Blog. Far From Circling the Drain, Bigger Then PPSLA and a Lot More Funny!

We have mentioned in previous posts, we run Analytics on our site. This means we track how many "hits" (people visiting the sites) we get and where those hits come from. Most websites check their metrics so we thought it would be interesting to share some of our stats, since we are asked quite often. We can see things like which Internet Browsers you are using to reach us (the most popular are Internet Explorer and FireFox) which pages are most popular and how long the average visit is per page - just to name a few.

We average about 6,000-7,000 website hits in any 30 day period. During the time of the illegal raid and bogus search warrants from the effeminate judge Gary Donahoe, we had as many as 50,000 hits daily which increased our bandwidth quite a bit and ranked us #3 on Drudge Report. Of these roughly 6,000 hits, 4,500 of them are repeat visitors and 1,500 of them are “new” unique visitors.

So far in 2010 (as of Aug-2010), we had had almost 40,000 visits to our blog alone. Since the website was created in April of 2008, (… or August, 2008 if you ask Detective, Theron Quaas and according to his Grand Jury testimony…this is lie number 2) Well over ½ a million people have viewed our site.

This means if we make bold statements like, “We think Commander Benny Pina is so ginormous that when he's on a dance floor, the band skips" or "We hear Sergeant Mike Polombo dyes his hair and carries around pictures of Dave Barnes and Karen Vance in his man breast pocket" or "Detective Theron Quaas smells like Noodles" - then 6,000 people per month will read these statements. They are able under the First Amendment to provide commentary or their own consenting or opposing opinion on these public servant.

Childhood Proactiv candidate Andy Anderson has called us an, “Unaccredited grass-roots Website.” Mike Polombo is his latest untruthful diatribe states, “We were not enough of a mainstream website” for him to call everyone to remove videos and/or audios that he made and we bought.

Oh really? 

We know our site isn’t exactly the Huffington Post or CNN but these stats are not too shabby for an unaccredited website and one that isn’t mainstream.  We'll bet we get more hits then Mark Hafkey the halfwit-dumbshit and his PPSLA website, and are probably way more entertaining!

Another aspect of the Analytics is we can also see which networks are our biggest visitors. They refer to these as "Service Providers." The top Service Providers on our site come from ISPs like Cox, Qwest, Comcast, Roadrunner, Charter Communications and Verizon. These represent the companies from which you (consumers) buy your home Internet service.

What we find fascinating are the other ISPs that fall within the top categories. These ISP are corporate ISPs that have their own network. These ISPs should not go unnoticed as organizations that actively read and watch our Blog. We pride ourselves on an impressive list which includes the likes of:

City of Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona State Government, City of Tempe, City of Los Angeles, City of Glendale, City of Chandler, City of Mesa, United States Department of Justice, State of Arizona Supreme Court and the FBI, to name a few.

We are still awaiting an answer from Andy Anderson to see who accredidates websites and if we aren’t mainstream, then why is Mike Polombo crying like a dumb-JerseyShore-gumba about Mexican mafia hits on such a piss ant website?  

We must be doing something right to attract all these repeat (and extremely loyal) visitors, the unique new visitors, and such names as the US Department of Justice and the AZ Supreme Courts. And for the record, we didn’t see any Mexican Mafia ISPs or anything from Latin America, but I’m sure that mysterious “informant” can’t be wrong.

Maybe we should put our Website and Blog up for Sale?

We think enough of Jack Ass Harris’ pals can band together their DROP money . Suffice to say - you will have a captive audience to publish whatever you wish – including humorous fat-ass comments about Benny Pina and the size of his uniform!

We've been up now for 27 months.  We think $100,000 for every month would be a good price.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Open Message From Officer James Holmes - A Phoenix Cop Recently Demoted to Work in Patrol

BadPhoenixCops again has received an email from an anonymous source. Since it was mean't to be a comment, we thought it was worthy of its own blog posting.

Officer James Holmes was one of the media guys you see on TV. He was a member of PLEA and it appears pocked face, womanizing, road rage Andy Anderson is removing all PLEA members from media relations. Officer James Holmes was demoted to work in Patrol - a common theme of good cops in the Phoenix PD. 

We have reached a point that if the Phoenix PD demotes someone to patrol, it must mean that cop was doing something right and not following the corrupt Jack Ass Harris.

Officer Holmes: We are sorry to hear about your demotion. When you file your Unfair Labor Practice, be sure to send us a copy.

Here's the email from our source followed by Officer James Holmes statement.

Hey BPC:
Looks like a very loyal, african-american employee (or as Mike Polombo and Alex Femenia would call him - a nig) was given the ax recently due to his relationship with PLEA. Unconfirmed sources tell me Assistant Chief Andy Anderson made the decision to remove all officer rank employees from being Public Information Officers (TV guys) so they could not put a "PLEA" spin on anything they said during interviews with the media. Appears to be some truth to this since there are no officer rank employees in the Media Unit any longer. Only sergeant and above. When was the last time there
were no officers in the media unit?

This is the kind of shit Russia played on their people during the cold war. "Say anything we don't like and we will show you"! Looks like Officer Holmes has some balls and will get the last word in. No silencing this guy!
James Holmes was one of the best PIOs the police department has had in a very long time. What a cryin' shame this shit continues to go on in the Phoenix Police Department.

By Officer James Holmes:
Leadership "The art of influencing others is such a manner as to accomplish the mission"

In 1995 I retired from the U.S. Army and found cause to join the Phoenix Police Department. The cause was to continue being the professional I had been for twenty years. I did not know the City of Phoenix or this department when I came here, but I had heard all I needed to know; and you did not know me. I entered the academy with gusto and I excelled and thrived there. When I hit the streets it was with both feet running. I became a Field Training Officer and reveled in the opportunity to use my experience and training to influence young officers to accomplish three things; go home safe every night, enjoy the best job in the world and
recognize that they worked for the best police department on the planet. I did that for eight years!

I had no real goals or aspirations when I joined, I had already accomplished quite a bit in my professional life and I was satisfied where I was. I ventured out into the community and made myself known by volunteering my time and the limited talents to charity events and fundraisers while promoting this department. I enjoyed the opportunity to serve a city and a department to which I owed nothing and nothing was owed to me. The rewards were incredible.

In January of 2009 I reached my pinnacle. I was given the opportunity to promote this department and our officers on a much larger scale. I got myself assigned to PAB. And I hit the ground running. I worked hard, established positive relationships with the media and even more folks out there in the community and, most
importantly, I sold this department to our community at every chance. I looked for the stories that had officers teaming up with a local business to renovate a citizens home, the stories that told about an officer who risked his health to save a kitten from the perils of a manhole... the positive news stories. I volunteered my time to support local ethnic festivals and I read to elementary school children while wearing a silly "Dr. Seuss" hat. And, of course, I told the crime stories. But, when I did, I always left our citizens with a caution or a concern in an effort to keep them safe and keep them from becoming the subject of a local news story.
I went above and beyond the Bureau's mission statement.

Around April of 2009 my partner and I were told that PAB was going in a different direction, the goal was to have supervisor only PIOs because of liability issues and our (officer) association with PLEA. I could not understand that, probably chose not to. Enter the budget crisis of 2010. I was given my walking papers in
March and told to find a job by April 5th. This was re-allocation and budget driven. chose to let the wheel stop where it may and waited to be re-assigned. My frustration had begun. I loved the job I was doing, I felt I was doing it well and I also thought the job was important enough to my department that things would just
"blow over". It was a gamble.

Something happened in March, and April and May that allowed me to remain in my position. No real need to discuss the issues here, but I was taken on a roller coaster ride of "you're going to stay, you're going to go, you're going to stay". The frustration grew and as a result, I worked even harder. So hard in fact that I've
been told on more than one occasion that I was working too hard, dedicating to much time to the media and the job. The April 5th deadline passed and I drove on. No more re-allocation and budget issues.

And then, I was put into patrol status and the re-bid. Still re-allocation dealing with available slot issues in PAB I guess. The writing was on the wall. I participated in re-bid because I am too committed to scheduled events, in the community and in my personal life, through the end of the year to risk going to a "George" squad (shift 2, weekdays off).

On August 9th, the detective holding the last, non-supervisor PIO slot announced that she was going to resign. Oh happy day for me! My last hope was dashed when I was told that slot would not be filled and I am still going to patrol. Still budget and re-allocation? Not true, it's personal and I know it's personal. I
could have stayed, driven on, been successful. There was an option.

I am not sure at what point I became a liability to my department, the bad guy. By all outside accounts and my own self-evaluation, I'm a pretty good officer and a good PIO. I am certainly not the best PIO on this department, and I have certainly made my mistakes, but I would challenge that I am the most dedicated. As of today, I am the "Indian among the chiefs". That fact alone should propel some thought. As a result of all I have done for my department, and I say that with clear conscience, on August 24th I will don my traffic vest and head to 35th Av. and Cactus to do what my department has determined to be the best job for me, where I will serve my citizens best.

I am angry. For the first time in over 35 years, and this includes waking up to war, countless deployments away from family and digging foxholes, I will wake up and not look forward to going to work, to doing my job. Please make no mistake, I will do my job, my work ethic will allow me to do nothing but. And every citizen with whom I have contact will still get their "15 minutes", I insist on that. But, there is a shadow over the enthusiasm. Though I lived through these situations in the military, especially in the 70's and 80's, I never expected this to happen to me on this department.

There is now a debt owed, and I don't owe it.

I suspect I might be better off not authoring this mailing. There is no disrespect intended toward anyone. But I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday and it is important that when I do, I see a man.

"The truth is in the eyes 'cause the eyes don't lie"

Officer James Holmes
Phoenix Police Department

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking News: Harassment Charges are Dropped Against Dave Barnes!!! Theron Quaas, Mike Polombo and Heather Polombo are Seen Having a Hissy Fit.

All Harassment charges (related to Dave Barnes harassing fellow married officers, Mike and Heather Polombo) have been dropped.

We have heard from multiple sources that the charges have been dropped and we will get “the official” paperwork and post it here.  Looks like all that crying and theatrics just didn't work.

Yep that’s right.

Theron Quaas has been working this case since Summer of 2008 and almost 2 years later, just couldn’t close the deal. At this point we are beginning to think that Theron Quaas couldn’t close a door!

Gee Chief Jack Ass - you fired Dave Barnes over what are you going to do? So it looks like you fired him for just the bogus perjury claim?  Your dirty cops lie everyday.  This one is going to cost the city millions.

The Polombos were a couple of crying, whining sissies in those videos - I wonder what their next move will be?

We expect an influx of Potato Head and nameplate photos.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Mike Polombo Videos

Watch Phoenix police Sergeant Mike Polombo cry and whine about this blog. 

All videos are posted of his interview with Theron Quaas.

This is an Academy Award winning performance!

Betcha didn't think we would post them on Youtube...did ya Mike?

Heather's videos are coming soon.