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Friday, August 31, 2012

Senator Scott Bundgaard Files His Own Notice Of Claim Against the City Of Phoenix; Everyone Thinks He Is Wrong? Really!!?? Read the Truth About the Dumb Dirty Cops in His Investigation.

In the past few months, there's been a plethora of editorial from the AZ Republic and the New Times on Scott Bundgaard’s Notice of Claim against the city.  We think if these idiots knew anything about the cops and the girl involved, they might report on this differently.

Here’s a copy of the story from ABC for those of you living in a cave:

Bundgaard Files a NOC Against Some Dirty Stupid Cops

After reading this, things didn’t smell right to us.  How does a respected senator fall so quickly and why does everyone jump on the bandwagon?  Who is this Ballard chick and how does she become a victim and media darling?

To understand it, we need to go back a few years.

Remember the scene in The Godfather, where Don Corleone is buying fruit and his body guard was his bumbling stupid son Fredo?  Out of nowhere comes the “hit” and he is shot several times.  Fredo, drops his weapon and can’t get off a single shot to protect his own dad, only to sit there crying like a dumbass regretting his mistake.  If you don’t remember, here is the movie clip:

LINK: Fredo The Idiot From The Godfather

Well meet Phoenix cop Rob Rodarme, who we will affectionately refer to as Phoenix Fredo.  Back a number of years ago he was patrolling in Phoenix with fellow officer Nick Erfle. Erfle and Rodarme stopped a group of illegal immigrants who were jaywalking.  One of these illegals pulled out a gun and fired three rounds into Erfle, killing him. 

So where was Erfle’s partner, officer Rob Rodarme as shots were being fired in Erfle’s face?
It appears Rodarme was having his own Fredo-esq moment.

Officer Rodarme choked like Mama Cass on a ham sandwich...
...Like Joe Yahner’s daughter on prom night. 
…Like Heather Polombo in a Maryvale Precinct parking lot. 

Officer Rob Rodarme didn’t get off a single shot, nor was he able to chase and find the illegal immigrant killer.  Someone else had to do it for him…all because he choked.   So what happened to Rodarme?  Did he resign in humiliation?  Did he become the town drunk knowing he had a Fredo moment?

Of course not!

Today his ineptitude and stupidity has been elevated to a leadership position within the Phoenix PD. Today this assclown goes by Sergeant Rob Rodarme (#6999) and he was the sergeant in charge of and called upon at Scott Bundgaard’s crazy scene on the Squaw Peak Parkway. 

There's a parade of idiots tied to this story.  One key assclown is a detective Bryn Ray who refused to interview people who saw a dumb cunt and wannabe model named Aubry Ballard drunker than a pack of Indians on payday.  These same people witnessed first-hand what a jealous snatch Ballard was all evening while Bundgaard danced with his partner at a charity dance competition.   Another dumbass is a Phoenix police officer named Christi Bell who testified via telephone as a friend of Aubry Ballard.  A while back Bell was contacted by Ballard that Scott had been violent with her.  Conveniently for them it comes out now when Aubry needed a defense for her crazy highway antics.

Aubry Ballard tried to invoke the domestic violence card as most conniving hatchet wounds do in an attempt to hide her actions and lay blame on Bundgaard. It looks like a lot of people fell for it.  And the best accusation they have is Bundgaard invoked immunity.  So what if Bundgaard invoked?  He has a right to.  That’s not a crime but they want you to think it is.

But let’s focus on Aubry Michelle Ballard since no one else will.  This public relations figure made sure Bundgaard was dragged through the mud using her PR contacts and influence.  Make no mistakes, we actually know of people who work with Aubry and she is no angel and darling as the media would like you to think. Rumors are she has worked more than Public Relations gigs; her past not only involves working the pole of a state senator, but also a brass one! 

What we hear is Aubry at one time had her adult entertainment card in Phoenix so as to work at strip joints and a bunny card in Vegas to work the same.  We don’t think working the pole is a bad thing..or working an Arizona state senator's pole...or working any man's pole - we just think if you’re going to play the victim card that everyone should see the entire picture. 

We consulted with some of Ballard’s conquests and know just about everything from her belly ring, to her Brazilian, to some of her favorite sexual exploits.  It wasn’t very hard to find people who would speak with us.   

The bad boob job was described to us as, “two zip-lock bags filled with creamed corn.  The plastic surgeon should have been shot over that debacle."  

Maybe the doctor should have fixed her nose and fixed her face instead of her fun bags?  Maybe the sweater meat were supposed to take away from the but-her-face? 

We may never know.

One thing we will never do is jump on a bandwagon and trust the PPD and of Sergeant Rob Rodarme.  Should we believe in the leadership and judgement of Rodarme along with Ballard and her cunting cop friends? Since Rodarme failed at having Erfle's back, is he now trying to make it up another way?

We think you're a dumbass if you believe ANYTHING that comes out of the PPD. Cops in general have a long sordid history of lying and the Phoenix PD is full of liars.

A note to any guy out there who has a chick threatening to jump out of your car or walk into freeway traffic while you drive up a highway?  

Let her jump.  Let her walk.

It will save you the trouble in the long run.

Second – Make no mistake – these Phoenix cops are dirty and will do almost anything to get themselves in the spotlight and bring someone down.  It's what these dirty shitbags do.   It’s what they get paid to do and how they advance their careers.  It's a sales job.  The more people they convict and the more high powered people they bring down, the higher they climb. 

So before you start doubting Bundgaard’s claims as fanatical, crazy or greedy and drink the negative KoolAid on Scott Bundgaard spun by the cops and media - you only have to look at two source;.a dumb cunt standing on the side of a freeway whose catch phrase should be “I like it in my pooper right from my hooch,”  and some BadPhoenixCops who have Fredo-like moments.

Sue away Mr. Bundgaard!

Sue them for all you can and we hope you win and feel free to contact us.  You have our support.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tracy Montgomery’s Biggest Fear and Her Alleged Inner Circle

Sources told us recently that assistant chief and useless hatchet wound Tracy Montgomery is fed up and running scared.

She is fed up being mentioned daily on this blog. She is fed up when you Google her name; with what appears and the photos.  Tracy Montgomery is fearful that Garcia is onto her.  She is attending all meetings herself, when in the past she would send a delegate to take notes.  She has contacted an attorney and contacted in an attempt to stop our shock and awe and messaging, and was told there is nothing she can do.

She held a meeting a few days back with what she referred to as her, “inner circle.”  Tracy Montgomery thought that by communicating solely with her buddies, that she would be protected and that all information would remain within this inner circle AKA a circle of trust.  What this dumb cunt fails to realize is that sans her nasty vagina, there is no inner circle that protects all her secrets.

We are the inner circle.  We might as well have been sitting in the meeting.

But we need your help – our faithful loyal followers of BadPhoenixCops.

We are preparing a host of letters to send to Chief Garcia.  One of them involves Tracy Montgomery and her inability to lead someone without burying her face between their legs.  If Tracy was a guy, and slept with as many subordinates as Tracy has, she would have been fired for the amount of departmental and city pussy she has plowed through.  We have received so many emails, letters, notes and docs on Tracy Montgomery’s inability to reprimand people, simply because these subordinates shared her bed and know first-hand Tracy’s true inner circle and her man-in-the-boat.

That’s a problem. 

We don’t deny Tracy for liking hooch; who doesn’t!  We just think she needs to find some that doesn’t work for her or in the City of Phoenix which is an abuse of discretion.  Tracy Montgomery lacks leadership and the ability to get any job done, except by intimidation or by sexual influence.  We think Tracy needs to be fired and our tax dollars can be spent on better endeavors, like investigating the Tovar molestation story, Jim Pina’s stupidity, or why Mike Polombo wears clothes from the 90s with tight pants.

So we are (again) offering a reward for any and all information about Tracy Montgomery so that we may forward it in our written complaint to Chief Garcia.  Specifically we are seeking names (first, last, badge number and title), rough dates and what occurred relating to Tracy and a subordinate.   Please send them to us in confidence at or feel free to post them in the comments section.  Even if you have a little piece of info but forgot a name, we have sources that might have other pieces to the puzzle.

And since Tracy reads this faithfully, we are reminded about what she said in an email, a few years back from October, 2007.

"Mark my words, if Dave is dealt with, others will think twice about lab bashing.”

Mark our words, Tracy herself is being dealt with and the day of reckoning is upon her. 

She needs to have another inner circle meeting.  We will tell you how it goes.