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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

David Cavasos: Why On Earth Would You Hire Gerald Richard into a Position Working for the new Chief? Richard Was the Man Who Ran The Employment Bureau When Louie Tovar Junior Applied to Become a Cop and Was Going Through His Peanut Butter Phase!

Gerald Richard. 

The name is synonymous with stupidity, ineptitude and every bad cop on this blog.  Just look at that forehead!  You could watch a fullscreen movie on that thing!  His head looks like when actors cover their hair and pretend they are bald!

Gerald Richard fucked up more stuff in the Phoenix PD so they moved him out and he found a job in the Attorney General’s Office.

Since Cavasos wants some diversity in the Phoenix PD and to appease the black community, he is paying Gerald Richard upwards of $120-130K a year to be a black liason to incoming Chief Garcia – and Garcia doesn’t even know about this!   One would think an incoming chief would want to create and have input on this position...No?

As a matter of fact no one knows about this – so yet again – we posted it here first and Cavasos is scambling to figure out how we know.

Now were not saying this position isn’t need, and there probably should be a liaison with the black community in Phoenix…but Gerald Richard?  The only worse black cop you could have is Chris Crockett – the man with 14 kids and no wives to speak of, and has more DVs against than Chris Brown!  Crockett makes OJ Simpson look good.  Crockett is such a fuckup, after they put him in charge of South Mountain - he had the cops called out to his house the next day on a DV.   Black criminals from the Projects look up to Chris Crockett and admire the way he abuses women!

But Gerald Richard?

If you haven’t experience Gerald Richard – well get ready for a ride on the short bus.  It will be like the Special Olympics took over City Hall!

Gerald Richard is about as useful as a dick flavored lollipop.   Gerald Richard will ultimately fuck something up.   He will make incoming Chief Garcia look like an assclown, undoubtedly before Garcia even arrives.  Gerald Richard isn’t fit to lick butter from our ass.  Imagine paying this useless fuckstick $120K-$130K per year, in our budget shortfall?   Can’t we hire more street cops for this money to support the black community or does this just make too much sense, Mr. Cavasos?  What an insult to the black community.

To make matters worse and since the public relations position was fucked up so badly by Murray Andy Anderson, they are having a girl from the Aviation department handle public relations for incoming chief Garcia.

It appears the city of Phoenix has money to spend to correct all the fuckups from the previous administration - most of whom are still there with names like Yahner, Montgomery and Pina - assistant chiefs who helped destroy the PPD, yet still maintain a multi 6 figure salaries!

But to make a further mistake by putting Gerald Richard in charge of anything is just pissing money away.  There's so many more qualified people for this liaison position like Andrew Zimmerman and members of the KKK.

Gerald Richard?  Really?   Geez Cavasos must be really inept and desperate and don't conduct any due dilegence or history checks.  We also will have a blog posting on how while driving the suicide lanes in Phoenix, Cavasos used his power and influence to get out of a ticket.  We also heard that about a year and a 1/2 ago, Cavasos was stopped for a DUI by the Phoenix PD and allowed to drive home! 

And how does this story come full circle?  When Louie Adrian Tovar III was having his dog lick peanut butter from his balls and fondling little boys, take one guess who was the division commander over the Phoenix PD Employment Bureau and helped in the cover up?  Yep - you guessed it!  The fucktard Gerald Richard.  

These dirty cops are all interconnected like a Bizzaro Dicken's novel.

Wait until PLEA finds out…and the incoming police chief...and Phoenix city council. 

But they can read this blog to find out before you tell them.  Oh - and we sent an email to incoming chief Garcia tonight.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Aw Cmon…We’re Not Gone. We’re Just Enjoying the Summer. More Letters From Asst. City Manager Ed Zuercher and PSB Commander Dave Harvey

So many of you have contacted us asking, “What happened?” “Why are there no blogs?”

Well...we got chief Jack Ass Harris removed (along with a lot of other people)  and pocked-face Andy Anderson is gone and unemployable – we think that’s a huge accomplishment!

We're entitled to a little holiday!   We are by no means stopping or giving up, because there are more dirty, fuckstick-assclowns to add to this blog.  Plus, if anyone wants this blog shut down, it's going to cost a lot of Jack Harris, Frank Fairbanks, Andy Anderson pension money!

Let’s discuss a few of them!

Below is the letter our blogger got back from the city manager’s office and from Dave Harvey on the Polombo investigation. The first response is from assistant city manager Ed Zuercher – the emasculated, I-did-an-investigation-then-again-I-didn’t-do-an-investigation-into-the-fradulent-kidnapping-stats.  Ed sent back a standard form letter and doesn't appear at all shocked that the Polombos continue to lie, and that telling the truth about dirty douchebag cops like the Polombos is not a crime.

Ed Zuercher is also supporting the Phoenix PD's lies that there weren’t 357 kidnappings in 2008 but incredibly now over 600-800!   It's not because he wants to. He needs to.

It’s a Phoenix PD Jedi mind trick and a lie that Ed Zuercher is supporting to cover his own ass, since he was in charge of the Phoenix Integrity Committee.  Phil Roberts sent numerous memos to this committee about the bogus kidnapping stats asking for protection. (Phil Roberts is so sick over this he was recently hospitalized adding another "0" onto his lawsuit. Contact any good Phoenix cop for details...)  Ed Zuercher can't rely on plausible deniability, so he needs another answer to keep his job.  That answer is there were more kidnappings in 2008 then we ever imagined  -to the tune of 2-3 per day! 

Cmon!  Don't all you guys remember in the news the 2/3 kidnapping per day trend we had in 2008?

Remember all the news coverage and everyone living in fear of being kidnapped?   Gun sales were up. Private security was up.  Remember the AZ Republic doing a big expose' on the stats that one out of every 2,000 citizens in Phoenix were being kidnapped and held for ransom?

Funny - neither do we because it never happened.

Kidnapping (AZ 13-1304), includes:
A. Unlawful imprisonment (13-1303),
B. Custodial interference (13-1302),
C. Trafficking of persons (13-1308),
D. Access interference (13-1305),
E. Unlawfully obtaining labor or services (13-1306),
F. Sex trafficking (13-1307)

Undoubtedly the Phoenix PD included in their 2008 kidnapping stats all those police reports filed by bitch-cunt ex-wives who called the cops when their former husbands’ were five minutes late to drop off the kids on visitation.

Yep! Technically 13-1302 Custodial Interference (AKA someone is late due to traffic or another reason) is a kidnapping! Notice every news spin from the Phoenix PD includes the word "kidnapping" now? 

Little girl walking down the street and approached by a car?  It was an attempted kidnapping and not an abduction!
Mayor Phil Gordon's computer is stolen?  It was kidnapped!
Woman raped?  Her virginity was kidnapped!
Drenth blows his own head off?  Nope, the shotgun kidnapped it!
Drop house found?  They were all kidnapped!

Polombo nameplates go missing in 2008?  They were kidnapped and luckily for the PPD, it counted as 2 kidnappings!

The more were hear about and see Ed Zuercher, the more we believe him to be a cunt sandwich – minus the bread. Zuercher's dad forgot to tell him what a pussy he was and what a disppointment he is. On, Zuercher losely translated is lying, worthless, douchebag. We are amazed that out of 100,000 sperm, asst. city manager of Phoenix Ed Zuercher was the fastest. At this point even Jesus thinks asst. city manager Ed Zuercher is a dumbass!

The second letter below Ed’s is from Dave Harvey, noting that what was heard in court was imagined and the investigation is completed.   It appears Ted Campagnolo misspoke.   Ummm...isn't that perjury?

Dave Harvey was the fuckstick who likes to drink while he is on the job (see photo) and was promoted to lead PSB.

Dave Harvey may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. PSB Commander Dave Harvey is really a fucking idiot and is part of the legacy FOJ network.

Having a fucktard like Dave Harvey heading up PSB (Internal Affairs for the Phoenix PD) is about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop. No one in PSB wants to work for a lying, moron like Dave Harvey. The only people who would willingly and knowingly work for Dave Harvey would be his grave diggers.

 So read for yourself. Do you really thing Ed Zuercher and Dave Harvey did any follow up on this request?

We think these two are so full of shit, our toilet's getting jealous!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shhhhh…AC Anderson does not know this! (But he does now Thanks to BadPhoenixCops and our Loyal Sources)

We did it again. 

Got another "secret" email on Andy Anderson's retirement that is supposed to be a surprise for Andy.

We know we are driving these guys in PAB and the Phoenix PD nuts, and they are trying to figure out how we know (and receive) what we know.

We will continue to ruin this idiot Andy Anderson's retirement/retirement party/retirement surprises much like he ruined so many good officers' careers.

Greetings all,

Shhhhh…AC Anderson does not know this!

PAB is presenting AC Anderson with a framed photo at his retirement reception on Thursday, April 28th. We would like to invite each of you to sign YOUR NAME and SERIAL NUMBER only—no messages please in the matting area around the photo. We would ask that you find a moment to drop by the Public Affairs Bureau, 620 W. Washington, Room 123 (the east end of PPD HQ/first floor) no later than Monday, April 25th so that we can also have time to add an engraved brass plate to the gift. The photo project is located in the cubical marked “Citizen Police Academy” just inside the main bureau area. Please use the Black Fine-Tip Sharpie pen when signing (and don’t forget to leave it there!!!) 

We will pay ANY COP $1000 if they sign the photo with BADPHOENIXCOPS.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Surprise Andy Anderson! Your Wife’s Making a Video for Your Retirement Party! Whoops! Were We Not Supposed to Let You know?

We like surprises! Better yet we like spoiling surprises for dirty douchebag cops like Andy Anderson!

For Andy Anderson's retirement party, the Public Affairs Bureau (PAB) asked Andy’s wife to make a surprise video, thanking Andy for all his hard work. Also making a video are Alberto Gutier the chief of highway safety for the state of Arizona and Andy Hill.

Why didn’t PAB ask BadPhoenixCops to make a video testimonial, discussing all his accomplishments?

We could have discussed Andy’s misogynistic behavior and how he likes to intimidate everyone!  His road rage incidents and how he has been trespassed from the PLEA union office.  We could also tell everyone how Murray Andy Anderson helped us get the Phoenix Police chief fired, by mislabeling Phoenix the Kidnapping Capital of the World.

The best part of this PAB, the Phoenix PD and everyone is wondering how we know this "top secret" video is being made!   Sorry to spoil the surprise Andy….but not really!

See you all at the retirement party!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Murray Andy Anderson Gets Stripped Of All Duties Beginning Monday April 11th – That’s a Nice Parting Gift for His Retirement at The End of the Month!

Yet again – you heard it here first!

Murray Andy Anderson – AKA Road Rage Andy – AKA Pocked Face Andy – AKA Cancer Andy - AKA Domestic Violence Andy - AKA Wife Beater Andy was told beginning April 11th, he will be stripped of all duties and assignments.

What a fitting end to one of the members of Jack Harris’ Axis of Evil.  That's two down, and two more to go!

We have blogged many times about this creep.

Murray Andy Anderson is an absolute douchebag in the Phoenix PD.

He is a cancer – no wait - calling him a cancer would be complimentary. Brains aren’t everything, but in Andy’s case they’re nothing! When Andy looks out the window, people think its Halloween. Jack Harris used to tell Andy he was a great asset, but he was off by two letters. Andy’s mom still owes my dog, fuck money! 

Most importantly, Andy has fallen on the shit list with Jack Harris being fired.  He is being relieved of all duties, assignments and responsibilities. And thanks to us anywhere Andy has tried applying for a job along with any recruiters that read our website, are sent a full dossier on this pocked face, shitstain.

Andy’s retirement party is coming soon. As soon as we get the flier, we will post it.