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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Phoenix PD Lieutenant Transfer and Lieutenant List

Recently Policing with a Porpoise chief Danny-Boy Garcia, announced the latest lieutenant transfers.
Incredibly, chief Dan Garcia personally chose all these transfers himself. 

LINK: The Phoenix PD Lieutenants List 2013

LINK: Phoenix PD Lieutenants List- By Division and Job Assignment


We can only assume because he has a lot of free time and as Phoenix’s top cop, he likes to get caught in the weeds and focus on things that aren’t so important and ignore the things that are.  Dan Garcia was sure to remind all these lieutenants how they should not think of themselves as cops, but rather managers and leaders now. 

For the layman out there, this gives you the complete list of lieutenants along with badge numbers and where they are working.  It’s always fun to see where the crappy stupid lieutenants we often blog about – like Lauri Burgett, Joe Balloon Knott, Stan Hoover, Lisa Messina, Tracey Miller, Vincent Piano and Lowell Spalla – end up.

Thus far the new police chief has many Obama-esq qualities - meaning - he is a do-nothing, non actionable police chief.  Leadership is all about surrounding yourself with great people and standing on their shoulders.  It's about keeping smart people close to you and delegating the small stuff to trusted competent associates.   Rather than worrying about uniforms or where lieutenants are being transferred, we think chief Garcia might want to take a look at some of the company he keeps.  He appears to be re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

When Dan Garcia keeps assclowns like Joe Yahner as his second in command (think Jack Harris,) or the likes of Tracy Montgomery and the father of a child molester like Louie Tovar, in any commander position where they are making decisions that affect the citizenry of Phoenix  – one has to question Garcia’s integrity and competence in running any organization.

Maybe Garcia is over his head and doesn't know how to lead and should go back to Operations?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Incredibly…The Phoenix PD Find Nothing Wrong with Our Inquiry - Hence the Reason for This Blog

It's a vicious circle that we see no end to...They lie and cover up, we publically ask for investigations because we already know what the answers are, Polombos clothes are too tight, they in turn lie and cover things up...It's the dirty Phoenix PD and the dirty lying leaders in Phoenix.

We received a reply (albeit brief) on our inquiry into Benny Pina.  The Phoenix PD claim that no policy was violated when Benny Pina made a racist comment about Terry Yahweh in a staff meeting, but that the EOD was still investigating.  We always figured we would get some lame-ass response but this borders on ridiculous.

WTF???  Ineptitude at its finest! Racism alive and well in the Phoenix PD.

LINK: City Of Phoenix Response to Benny Pina Racism Inquiry

It's amazing and so shocking.    We are so sorry Terry.

We guess referring to you as a “nigger” is just fine within the Phoenix PD! Welcome to the 1950s!    Since no policy was violated, feel free to address Benny Pina and Chief Garcia with any racist comment you so choose. How about fat fucking wetbacks or tacos?  You can also address Polombo as Guinea. It’s just amazing how corrupt these guys are!  One can ask for an investigation in January and ten months later they find nothing wrong and no wrong doing, on something witnessed by many.  As citizens, this should concern every one of you.

One comment posted was:  “I am more afraid of these dirty Phoenix cops then I am of criminals.”

You should be.

There’s a 22 page report floating out there from Sergeant Sweikert of the PPD that he wrote on Chris Wilson – the cop we mentioned in an earlier blog who in Louie Tovar Jr. fashion - was  caught blowing the meat whistles of a 17 year old and a 14 year old boy. 

Sweikert knew early on what a complete creep Chris Wilson was and felt so strongly about it, he sent a 22 page memo to his supervisor. His supervisor was Tracy Montgomery and naturally Tracy did nothing with it.

In the report Sweikert tells how Wilson has a tendency to feltch little boys and was a significant risk to the PPD.  Wilson was well known with his 17 year old friend.  No one knew he was 17 though, including those Wilson worked out with. This report is very damaging and shows (again) how the Phoenix PD (again) ignore the massive iceberg in the distance and how a dumb snatch like Tracey (again) unilaterally makes a mistake and puts all our kids at risk.  Garcia's mantra shouldn't be Police with a Porpoise, but rather, Ignoring Citizen Safety - Each and Every Day with dumb Cunts Like Tracy Montgomery or better yet, The Phoenix PD  -Where you can Watch Your Teenage Son Get Blown By Cop!

Montgomery ignores the report and now is hiding it – since Wilson was arrested. It's another mistake she has made.   Most folks know it exists and since numerous public records requests have been done for it, Garcia and his fellow shitbags found themselves in a pickle with this PR nightmare.  They couldn’t have themselves look bad and let the public know the truth and decided to include this report in Wilson’s internal investigation, hence burying it.


The avoidance (or delaying indefinitely) the public records request for the docs. If it’s part of an “ongoing investigation,” they have a right to not honor (and hence taint) their bogus investigation.   So we may never see it unless one of the good cops sends it to us and we post it on this blog. We are working on getting it through our internal channels.  We fully expect the Phoenix PD will excoriate Sergeant Sweikert and he will be flayed as fanatical and disobedient. Tracey will be exonerated, eat more city pussy and all will be brushed and hidden from public view.  It's the way these creeps operate. 

Hence this blog.