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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Email No One Is Supposed to See – PSB Commander Dave Harvey Admits That Phoenix PD Internal Affairs Is Pretty Fucked Up!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you call someone out on something, and they readily admit that you were right?  It can be an exhilarating feeling and knowing that the person you thought was going to go on defense, ultimately agrees with you.

Now imagine this is the Phoenix PDs PSB unit (Internal Affairs) – the same group that is charged with investigating cops and holding them accountable.  This group has just had every dumb assclown and misfit -  from the stupid Stan Hoover to the lying Jeff Hynes leading it.  Jeff Hynes was the former commander who was added to the BRADY list in 1996 for lying, yet he was given the opportunity to investigate the integrity of Phoenix cops. Now this lying bag a dick-cheese is retired, teaching at local colleges

His bio should include his integrity was brought into question and thus added to the BRADY list.

The new PSB commander is Dave Harvey, a true moronic assclown who was caught in photos drinking on the job – but he too was given the opportunity to lead PSB. And one wonders why we call the acting chief Joe Yahner, city manager David Cavasos along with his bumbling assistant city manager Ed Zuercher, a bunch of spineless pussies?!!?

Below is an email no one was supposed to see. Yet again, we ask and we receive.  Dave Harvey surely didn’t expect this to get posted to the Internet. It was sent in reply to Dave Adams when he questioned Harvey on the unfair and biased antics of PSB.  Enjoy the read.  If you ever need to contact PSB, you now have the commander’s direct email and phone number. When you call, be sure to ask him what qualifies him to investigate the integrity and honesty of police officers when he was caught drinking on the job?



Dear Sgt. Dave Adams, PPSLA Grievance Committee Chairman:

This email is in response to your two emails regarding our meeting a couple of weeks ago. Clearly you are frustrated.
Thank you and another PPSLA Rep for your tenacity to point out the imperfections of PSB. It seems through the IBR process, we have made some improvements in processes and communications involving PSB and PPSLA and PLEA. We also have spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on a minimal number of cases. I think in the past, there was not an open dialogue, and I feel communication is the key.

Bottom line with this investigation from 2009 - A Lieutenant noted that his sergeant had an inordinate amount of overtime and instituted processes to limit this sergeant's overtime. The sergeant began submitting alternative methods for overtime and an audit was conducted. This ultimately identified one of several overtime slips in question. When the sergeant was interviewed he was less than truthful and painted himself into a corner regarding this particular training date. Several other employees attended and were interviewed by PSB.

These interviews seem to be your focus. PSB had the interviews transcribed. I have read the reports and the transcripts. John has done the same. John and I met with you and through the discussion, I don’t believe that you ever articulated what you want.

Are the interviews perfect, no.  Are there leading questions or investigators finishing answers, yes. I don’t know as the Commander for PSB for the last 11 months what you want for me to do. I will always accept opportunities for my folks to attend training to improve the professionalism and expertise of PSB. I feel that my investigators have their hearts in the right place. I feel that I am promoting an atmosphere of fairness and consistentcy.(sic)

Please, if there is something that I am missing, let me know. If it is your duty to point out that PSB "made mistakes" on this case. Duly noted. Or if it is to "I could go on and on with this type of performance in many investigations." Duly noted.

Yes, I too am frustrated.

All I can do as the current PSB Commander is keep the dialogue open, and insure that current and future cases under my watch, include PPSLA in the dialogue through the investigative process so that PSB and PPSLA and PLEA have a healthy working relationship.

Your statement, "PPSLA would ask that PSB remove the prosecutorial/defense relationship that exists and allow and encourage the interaction necessary for fair and consistent investigations."

This philosophy goes both ways. I promise to hold up my end and lets focus forward. This should give you a better idea "on how PPSLA can decide how to move forward."

Dave Harvey, Commander
Phoenix Police Department
Professional Standards Bureau  
(602) 262-4580

PS...Please don't let this end up on the website BadPhoenixCops.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Are You a Child Sex Predator in Phoenix, Arizona? Are You a Member of the Tovar Family? Then You are going to Want Joe Yahner as Your Police Chief!

We read and laugh how everyone is going after Sheriff Joe for not following up on sex crimes.  The exact same thing happened with Joe Yahner, the current acting police chief in Phoenix.  We like to refer to these not as "Sex Crimes"  but rather "Joe Yahner's Sex Crimes"

Here is an article that ran in the Phoenix New Times this week (be sure to read the comments at the end of the article. We love the comments by "Jack Harris").

Below is a caption from the article which points out that Phoenix PD Internal Affairs detectives conducted an audit on the Child Sex Crimes Scandal in the PPD.

 "In September, an auditor from the Professional Standards Bureau found problems with a lot of investigations conducted by retired Phoenix Detective Alan MacIver. The questionable investigations prompted an audit of all of MacIver's cases that still fell within the statute of limitations, and could still be prosecuted.

While auditing MacIver's cases, a city auditor took a random sample of other cases in the department's child sex crimes unit and found several other cases -- from other investigators -- that didn't have the proper documentation on file, or may not have been handled correctly. Crump says the department determined that of the thousands of cases it reviewed -- dating as far back as 1999 -- hundreds of cases weren't handled correctly.

In September, when word of the mishandled cases fell in the lap of acting Phoenix police Chief Joe Yahner, he sought to fix the problem immediately. 'No excuses here, whatsoever," Yahner told a City Council subcommittee. "We have policies and processes in place that we didn't follow to the letter of the law and we should have.'"

Investigators pointed out the Sex Crimes Unit began botching cases as far back as 1999 (they actually went back to 1994; see below) Chief Joseph P. Yahner is quoted as saying, ""No excuses here, whatsoever," Yahner told a City Council subcommittee."We have policies and processes in place that we didn't follow to the letter of the law and we should have."

Um Hello Chief Yahner......"No excuses whatsoever you say?"  Really?!?!

You must be an absolute fucktard and forgot to tell the media that YOU WERE THE LIEUTENANT IN CHARGE OF THE SEX CRIMES UNIT IN 1999!!!

Yeah no joke.  Top acting cop, the current pussy acting police chief Joe Yahner lead the Sex Crimes Unit while all this was going down (pun)!

Is this an integrity issue on Yahner's part? Is Joe Yahner a card carrying member of NAMBLA?   We surely think so!  So, we have to ask Joe Yahner, why were you asleep at the wheel and allowed 100s, possibly 1000s, of Sex Crimes Cases to fall through the cracks?

Why did you let Louie Tovar’s kid Adrian off on his sex crimes?  Were you performing Case Management Reviews of your sergeants and detectives? You were required to do that and, if you had, you would have seen your detectives were not doing their jobs and all of these innocent victims would have been protected. Maybe you were too busy teaching your daughter how to speed away from the cops. Maybe you were too busy leaving your beloved and smoking hot wife? Maybe you were too busy polishing the badge of chief Jack Ass with a nice Jack Harris reach-around?

Here is another story that was on local television affiliate, KPHO TV5:

"CBS 5 has learned that one of detective MacIver's former supervisors is still with the Phoenix department. Investigators are looking into any role Sgt. Steve McClellan may have played in those botched cases, but to this point, no one has been disciplined."

Maybe this should have read:

"CBS 5 has learned that one of detective MacIver's former supervisors, POLICE CHIEF JOE YAHNER, is still with the Phoenix department. Investigators are looking into any role Sgt. Steve McClellan CHIEF YAHNER may have played in those botched cases, but to this point, no one CHIEF YAHNER has not been disciplined himself, nor told anyone about his role in this debacle, since he is the Chief and doesn't want to take a chance that his lack of supervision of the Sex Crimes Unit could interfere with his selection as permanent Police Chief."

Okay, this gets better. Here is a July 1, 2011, article Arizona Republic article on the debauchery.

Again, Yahner fails to mention he was in charge of the Sex Crimes Unit when these children's predators were never arrested for their crimes.

We love what Yahner says in this one:                        

"I am extremely concerned and am treating this matter with the utmost importance," Yahner wrote. "Crimes against children are some of the most heinous and disturbing crimes in our community, and protecting our children is one of the highest priorities for the Police Department."

What Yahner should have said was:

"I am extremely concerned that I didn't do my job when I was in charge of the Sex Crimes Unit and am treating this matter with the utmost importance," Yahner wrote. "Crimes against children are some of the most heinous and disturbing crimes in our community, and protecting our children is one of the highest priorities for the Police Department. I am disappointed I failed to do my job, but hey, I am Police Chief so I am above this trivial bullshit. I’ve let Louie Tovar’s kid Adrian off and helped cover up how he molested children, why not a few more?

Here is proof that the Internal Affairs audit actually went back to 1994. We find it interesting that while the actual audit went back to 1994, Chief Yahner tells the media the audit went back to 1999. Maybe because he didn't want anyone to know he was in charge of the Sex Crimes Unit from 1996 to 1999?

"PHOENIX - Phoenix Police are launching a major investigation into their Child Crimes Unit. The department says some cases may not have been handled properly. Investigators are reviewing 2,500 cases, going back to 1994. One of those cases under review involves a 3-year-old girl who was molested, allegedly by a registered sex offender, who wasn't arrested for six years." And during that time -- police say he ended up molesting another girl."

 Cover up by Yahner?

We think so!

AZPOST Integrity issue? We think so! Yahner's oversight to tell the media the audit went back to 1994 and he was in charge of the unit from 1996 to 1999 should cost him his job as permanent Police Chief? ABSOLUTELY! Why didn't Yahner tell the truth that the audit found problems back to 1994?

 And finally, here is the best new article of them all:

"PHOENIX (KPHO) - A big report has been released from the city of Phoenix. It spells out what's wrong with the police department's child sex crimes unit and what needs to be done to fix it.

Now city leaders are sounding off. "You know, this almost makes me cry," said Phoenix Vice Mayor Thelda Williams.  "First it was Mike Polombo's tight pants, and now this!"

Williams has been a huge advocate for change ever since the child sex crimes story broke. "It's unforgivable, absolutely unforgivable. There should be zero tolerance when it comes to a child sex crime," Williams said.

After reading the city audit of the Family Investigations Bureau, Williams said she's even more fired up. "Somebody's head should roll. More than one head should roll," she said.

According to the report, now retired Detective Alan MacIver didn't follow policy and procedures on 81 percent of his cases. That was back in 2007. "We were told two months ago that they were aware of it, they had done training and were fixing it. And now this," Williams said.

The report shows even now, only 55 percent of current cases were properly investigated.

"Thirty-nine cases still remain open. And show no evidence of investigation efforts for approximately one year," Williams read off the report. "OK, now that you've got me nauseated," she said. She said she's not just disturbed by the department's mistakes. "If you can't protect a child, what the hell are you doing on the police force?" she asked.

Williams is also upset at what this whole mess has done to the kids who didn't get the help they deserved. "It makes you sick to think what those kids must be, not only have gone through but are continuing to go through when you can't trust the policeman POLICE CHIEF, Joe Yahner," she said."

Hey Councilman Williams and Johnson, you now got your man! Are you going to follow up on your words and hold Yahner accountable? You may want to know BPC will be attending a future City Council meeting and demand you hold Yahner accountable like you said!

 The best part is Executives in the PPD were so proud of Chief Yahner's supervisory abilities in the Sex Crimes Unit that they promoted him on August 16, 1999, and transferred him to the politically ideal job in the City Manager's Office. We are told the City Manager loved Yahner and this relationship had a lot to do with Yahner's rise to the top. We wonder what City Management would have thought back then if they knew that had a Commander who allowed child predators to run free in their beloved city?????

The police chief selection committe is reviewing all Phoenix cops who threw their hat in the ring for the Chief job. We sure hope they sees this blog. It tells the real story behind Chief Yahner and his rise to the top, in one of the worst police administrations in the country.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tracy Montgomery's Memo on Winter Jackets - Do You Believe We have Someone In the Phoenix PD Whose job it Is to Harass Officers this Way? It Serves No Useful Purpose!!!

Below is Tracy Montgomery's recent email to everyone on proper winter jacket wear. Tracy has two jobs in the PPD when she's not in Southern California obtaining an MBA with city dollars - that's munching on departmental pussy and enforcing the dress code.

Note to Tracy: Thanks for defining the word "epaulettes" since a drunk dumb-fuck like Steve Soha would have no clue what you were referring too.

And one more thing...your quote: That which you accept in your presence are your values." Does this include all the city employees you eat, the parties at your house and all your other antics? We hear if some get there way, Tracy Montgomery would be one of the first booted back into patrol.

We enjoy posting these emails to show how nothing is hidden, and there's nothing in the PPD we can't get. At the end of this thread is Tracy's phone number in case any of you want to call her about her stupid dress code policies or program calls to it from a fax machine, based in India.


Subject: FW: Winter Jackets

Here is a message from Chief Montgomery reference a current uniform reminder.

There have been a few folks mismatching uniforms etc.

Please make sure your uniform is in policy as there are always people watching. (they notice).

Thank you for representing us well and thank you for your service

Joshua Clark

Phoenix Police Dept.

Reserve Division

Operations Sergeant

Office: 602-534-9000

Desk: 602-534-9201

From: Montgomery, Tracy L
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 4:33 PM
To: Commanders/Administrators; Executive Staff
Subject: Winter Jackets


The winter weather has caused many of us to dust off the Uniform Jacket hanging in the closet and put it to good use. Some of us have had the same jacket for many years and may not be aware of some uniform changes that occured several years ago. Check your jacket and make sure you have the new cloth badge, it should resemble our new larger badge and appear light silver or light blue in color, If you have the small sparkly gold cloth badge send it to the Police Museum, you need a new cloth badge!

Also your name tag should be GOLD (yellow) lettering, not white. (and yes, everybody needs a name tag!)

Your jacket should also display your rank insignia! Stars on the shoulder epaulettes aka shoulders (single point facing up), bars on the collar, stripes on the sleeves!

Please check your jackets for these three details and thanks in advance for leading by example!

This may be a good time to have your uniformed Lt.s, Sgt.s and officers to do the same inspection. These badge and name tag standards apply to outer vests too! Thanks for your help in making sure we all look sharp!

"That which you accept in your presence are your values."

Tracy L. Montgomery, Assistant Police Chief

Homeland Security Division

Desk 602-262-7392

Cell 602-526-4515

Should you need to contact me immediately or schedule an appointment, please call or e-mail my assistant, Kathy Morrison at or 602-495-0443, and she will assist you.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sean Drenth’s Murder Mystery – Now Deemed a Suicide. In Other News, Christmas Will Fall on December 25th this Year. First time EVER a Suicide Cop Has a Massive Public Funeral at Tax Payers’ Expense

Thankfully the Maricopa County Coroner’s office had the balls to do what everyone else has been afraid to do – label Sean Drenth’s death a suicide. Even with the obvious, the Phoenix PD is keeping this an open investigation.  Gee isn’t it great the way they protect their own with our money? Arrogance at its best!
Drenth Case Labeled a Suicide - DOH!!!

When the Capitol police and other first responders were on the scene for Drenth’s mishap, it was called in as 901Xray (suicide).  Everyone knew this was a suicide, except at the time Jack Harris didn’t want Drenth’s blood on his hands.  Harris had recently  launched another bogus investigation on cops taking pay for overtime, by either leaving jobs early or not showing up at all. In the past, any overtime mishaps simply had officers paying it back with a mere slap on the wrist.

 Don’t believe us?  Look what happened when two cackling worthless cunts named Tracy Montgomery and Sandy Renteria had a minor mis-accounting a few years back – when Jack Harris was an assistant chief and lead the investigation. All they did was pay the difference and get a slap on the wrist with no criminal indictments, news coverage and press releases.

But the Drenth case was different for chief Jack Ass and it was at a time when his integrity was being called into question. Jack Ass Harris was recently busted for lying about kidnapping stats and had recently had an officer named Chrisman murder an unarmed citizen. Chief Jack Ass was responsible for launching an investigator into Drenth and his buddies, and was desperate to deflect his bad PR to his subordinate and the South Mountain precinct.  What better way than to show he was “tough on cops”  and launch a fraud investigation into South Mountain – all for a couple of grand in overtime dollars. We spent so much more than this on the subsequent funeral and year-long investigation.

This is the first time EVER that a cop ANYWHERE was lauded and commended for his heroism with a fancy funeral and city dignitaries, for a suicide.

 Think about the tax payer dollars spent on a funeral, the overtime, the gas, the traffic, and a year-long investigation with subpoenas of DNA on something we all knew – that Drenth off’d himself with a shotgun. $100,000? $150,000? $200,000? $500,000? How many more jobs could we have filled with those dollars working real crimes and still have Drenth here with us?

 This was all set up and orchestrated by Jack Harris so he could get a photo of himself, handing a flag to a broken Widow – ironically a Widow he made by launching a meritless investigation on her husband!  

So what's our Christmas wish this year?

That Jack Harris has a stroke in his bath tub, after he finds out he has testicular cancer.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Phoenix Police Gun Buy-Back Program? PLEASE! Sell You Old, Tired, Gentle Used Guns on and Save Yourself the Headache! Here’s Our Own Public Service Announcement

Every year the Phoenix PD has one of the dumbest, most obtuse programs with their meager attempt to get guns off the streets.  It’s the Buy-Back Program.  Supposedly if you have a gun that you no longer use or don’t want, turn it into the Phoenix PD for a $50 gift certificate.

This is so bad on so many levels, but mainly because of pure capitalism. Anyone may go to a website like and sell a used firearm for a whole lot more than $50, unless of course it’s a shitty Lorcin.  One can easily get $200-$400, based on the type of gun...sometimes more!  Now wouldn't you rather have CA$H than a shitty $50 gift certificate from the Phoenix PD?  In most cases people will come to you to give you the money!

Police make it seem like owning, possessing and keeping a firearm is a very bad thing and use scare tactics like misfirings while cleaning or handling a gun.  If you know anything about a gun, this is virtually impossible (we simply can't understand how a gun can misfire while one cleans it.  For the novice, cleaning involves removing the magazine and all rounds...) and we firmly believe that if your gun misfired while you were cleaning it, then you are a moron and meant to die, and that bullet missing you was God's Mulligan.

It's all part of the poison and venom cops spread to control us.  They want to be the only one's with guns so when they bust down your door or are climbing your walls in your backyard, you down blow them away with your Mossberg.   Guns aren’t shot every day by citizens (how is a loaded gun in your dresser a "problem" and why the need for you to get rid of it?), and we encourage everyone to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.   It is much harder to buy a new gun, then keep an old one.  There are many forms to fill out, background checks and sometimes waiting periods.

But if you feel you must get rid of your gun, then you can post any gun on .  In Arizona you may freely buy and sell firearms to and from anyone, without a background check and without involving cops or the Feds - FOR CASH  If you have a firearm and are looking to sell it or get rid of it, then feel free to contact us and we will share with you much better ways to dispose of and recycle firearms, without involving law enforcement. 

And if you need a gun and don't want anyone to know you own one, go to  where you can find just about any handgun, shotgun or rifle for sale.

We know 13,000 people see this site each month and it is our hope to protect you from the Phoenix PD and any PD.  Never talk to cops and never, ever give them an old gun.  You’re only asking for trouble – especially if you find a gun and think you can turn it in and get some money.  If you found one, rest assured someone else wanted to lose it and the only reason people want to “lose” guns is because they don’t want to be tied to it. 

And if you have a gun and are worried about kids/wives gaining access to it – those unfounded fears that the cops try to put in your head - then take a firearms safety course and make sure everyone in your house hold can load, unload, fire and clean a firearm.  Don't be afraid of guns and let cops get into your head.  Respect firearms and learn how to handle them.